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A security-focused Linux kernel applying a set of hardening patches to mitigate kernel and userspace exploits.

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Recordemos que Fedora es una de las distribuciones de Linux más populares, que cuenta con el respaldo de Red Hat/IBM, quien a su vez basa en Fedora su propia distribución profesional, Red Hat...Undervolting can work WONDERS. Especially if you get lucky with binning. I'm running the i7 in my little 13" convertible with a ~140mV undervolt, which is the difference between unplayable and 90 pegged in DCS and War Thunder (flight sims) in VR (w/ eGPU).

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Oct 23, 2009 · Zen-Sources is a collaborative effort of kernel hackers and enthusiasts to provide the best Linux kernel possible. We include code that is not yet found in the mainline kernel in an attempt to support the latest hardware, new features, security fixes, optimizations, etc. Oct 17, 2020 · Zen is capable of up to two loads per cycle (2x16B each) and up to one store per cycle (1x16B). The L1 TLB is 64-entry for all page sizes and the L2 TLB is a 1536-entry with no 1 GiB pages. Zen incorporates a 64 KiB 4-way set associative L1 instruction cache and a 32 KiB 8-way set associative L1 data cache.

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This is the same kernel as liquorix/lqx, and there's a precompiled linux-zen in community also. Damentz and some others manage it and do a great job choosing features and patches to enhance desktop responsiveness. See full list on pcworld.com

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This is the latest stable and recommended stable Xen Dom0 solution on Fedora 12. No serious bug found till now and we will fix the bugs by ourselves if some appears.Liquorix is a distro kernel replacement built using the best configuration and kernel sources for desktop, multimedia, and gaming workloads. Website: https:/ /liquorix. net Package Source: https:/ /github. com/damentz/ liquorix-package Kernel Source: https:/ /github. com/zen-kernel/ zen-kernel For my Precision M65 I used the following kernel config: [download#34] All Information regarding the iwl3945 driver, the aha152x pcmcia scsi card and cpu undervolting in my last post on zen-sources-toi still apply to this version. For more information on the zen-sources patchset see www.zen-sources.org. best regards. Jürgen

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Dec 28, 2020 · Linux Kernel 5.11 is the first Kernel release of 2021 and as per Linus, it is “solidly average” in size considering the lines of code and features. It is comparatively small than the prior LTS Kernel 5.10 which was a big release.

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Customizing OpenWRT access point OS (Linux Kernel) for Enhancement of wired as well as wireless features. Work on Linux based on build in command of OpenWRT such as uci ,grep, cut, ifconfig, tr, sed, cat,ssh, etc . Setup Hotspot system in openwrt and Ubuntu server using coova-chilli. I pulled down the zen kernel sources, snagged my fedora kernel config file, and built my own zen kernel. INSANE! I entered into the endeavour certain I would fail but... wow.

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A simple guide to install linux-zen (The "Zen" kernel) on Arch Linux for Systemd-boot. Firstly run the following command with the appropriate privilege: sudo pacman -S linux-zen linux-zen-headers. When asked for confirmation, type 'y', press ENTER. Now the kernel is installed on your system. New Linux kernel patches show mention of AMD "Sienna Cichlid" GPU, which could be the "Big Navi" GPU. And I mean, hey it's got to be released at some point in time, Q3 seems pretty valid.

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Jan 17, 2020 · Following the recent Linux kernel tests of Liquorix and other scheduler discussions (and more), some requests from premium supporters rolled in for seeing the performance of Arch Linux's Zen kernel package against the generic kernel. Here are those benchmark results. The Fedora kernel is just another package in Fedora and can be compiled like any other application. The easiest way to compile the kernel is to use the tools provided by the fedora-packager package.

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By default, the latest LTS linux kernel is installed (Linux Kernel Version History). Configuration. You can choose your kernel simply by setting the boot.kernelPackages option. For example by adding this to /etc/nixos/configuration.nix: boot.kernelPackages = pkgs.linuxPackages_latest...See full list on wiki.manjaro.org Jul 07, 2019 · What’s strange is that this sounds like a simple kernel issue, but it’s not that simple. While we can’t get Ubuntu 19.04 and its 5.0 kernel bootable on Zen, 18.04 upgraded to the 5.0 kernel is no problem. We even updated to the current 5.1.16 kernel and still had no problem. Yet, the platform was impossible to get 19.04 booted up in.

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A security-focused Linux kernel applying a set of hardening patches to mitigate kernel and userspace exploits. Kernel Talks. Unix, Linux, & Cloud! How-to guides. This method works on almost all Linux distros like RedHat, Centos, Ubuntu, Fedora, etc.

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Oct 13, 2020 · Linux kernel 5.9 sees Btrfs enjoying numerous performance enhancements. And with the addition of more support of NVMe 2.0 for SSD devices, file system performance on servers should be much improved. Download kernel linux packages for ALT Linux, CentOS, Fedora, Mageia, OpenMandriva kernel-image-dbm-def-4.9.205-alt1.aarch64.rpm. The Linux kernel (the core of the Linux operating...

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5.0 seconds = 3117.313 FPS. XanMod is more than ZEN, and ZEN is more than regular Linux kernel.

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Jan 25, 2018 · Note: old versions of Linux go back as far as 3.16 on Manjaro. Uninstalling Old Kernels. Removing an old kernel from Manjaro works the same way as installing a new one. To start off, open up the Manjaro Settings Manager, and click on the penguin icon. From here, scroll down and select the installed Linux kernel that you want to uninstall. Jun 09, 2020 · Linux kernel developers are fixing up a trio of weaknesses in the open-source project – after a Google engineer reported that defenses implemented to stop speculative-execution snooping do not work as intended. Gentoo. sys-kernel/zen-sources. 5.4.15. Fedora Rawhide. FreeBSD Ports.

Once the kernel is installed, you need to modify your Droplet's bootloader to boot into that kernel version by default. CentOS and Fedora. Search the yum repositories for available kernels.

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[GIT PULL] EDAC queue for 4.10 From: Borislav Petkov Date: Tue Dec 13 2016 - 04:17:16 EST Next message: Vladimir Murzin: "Re: [PATCH 1/2] ARM: nommu: allow enabling REMAP_VECTORS_TO_RAM"

INDUSTRY-LEADING OPEN SOURCE GRAPHICS DRIVERS Intel® open source 3D Graphics Drivers for Linux* are the industry-leading drivers for Linux* distributions for all Intel® graphics platforms shipped over the last decade. Because these drivers are integrated into all popular Linux distributions, you can trust that your Linux system will deliver stunning, high quality graphics without needing ... Fedora/Redhat does not display compiler information. [[email protected] Sasi]# uname -a Linux Shash 3.13.10-200.fc20.x86_64 #1 SMP Mon Apr 14 20:34:16 UTC 2014 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux And [email protected] looks like EXTRAVERSION is kernel main makefile. VERSION = 3 PATCHLEVEL = 15 SUBLEVEL = 0 EXTRAVERSION = -rc3 In init/version.c: Zen-Sources is a collaborative effort of kernel hackers and enthusiasts to provide the best Linux kernel possible. We include code that is not yet found in the mainline kernel in an attempt to support the...Hack hotmail password program free downloadFamed Hardware leaker, Komachi Ensaka, tweeted revealing the line of code added to the Linux kernel for the Family of 19h system, which is the family of AMD CPUs based on the Zen 3 microarchitecture. .

Some of the more important features to be found in the 5.10 kernel include AMD Zen 3 CPU support, support for the new Ryzen 5000 line of CPUs, Intel Rocket Lake support, an open source driver for Radeon RX 6000 GPUs, and numerous file system and storage optimizations.
Oct 02, 2018 · [[Edit] Ukuu, or Ubuntu Kernel Update Utility, is no longer free to use, so I have replaced it in this article with Mainline, a continuation of Ukuu that's free. Mainline (or "Ubuntu Mainline Kernel Installer" is a tool for installing the latest mainline kernel on Ubuntu-based distributions. Para los usuarios de Fedora, se ha estado trabajando en un Kernel que esta enfocado a los procesadores Intel, el cual es tomado de Clear Linux, la cual es una distribución mínima diseñada...